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Umass Amherst university public event


Umass Amherst university public event JOIN Us in Masschussets 

Commonwealth Room, Earth Cafe, Student Union, If you’d like to Relieve your worries Have a unique experience Be more active, happy and successful And live more alive come and join us practicing Venakey... 

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What is venakey?


  Venakey, a window to hidden powers of human

  As far as history remembers, belief in dichotomy of human essence _spirit and body_ has dominated on man’s life and it has caused many of important social and individual events. Nevertheless, no school of thought or belief could offer an accurate definition of nonmaterial part of human entity. Most of offered definitions were mysterious or illogical.

  Venakey, an answer to unanswered questions

  Venakey method which is remained from ancient masters, would offer a great revolution in your life by developing recognition and practical exercises.

  A revolution along with happiness, calmness, freshness, success, recovery and health

  Being is like an ocean of energy and we are like pieces of ice in it. We are its continuance and it is ours. The body of creatures is a three dimensional representation of their thoughts, beliefs and feelings. We select the incidents of our life by our own thoughts. The contribution of external factors is negligible in comparison with that of our own thoughts and beliefs.

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Venakey a way to health

Being is like an ocean of energy and we are like pieces of ice in it, we are its continuance and it is ours

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